The walleye—a northwest Ohio favorite!

by Toledo Zoo
The walleye—a northwest Ohio favorite!

Did you know walleye are the largest member of the perch family, capable of living for decades and growing up to 31 inches long and weighing 20 lbs, with females usually being larger than males?

The walleye name comes from the fact that their eyes point outward, like looking at a wall. While this placement helps the fish see in the rough waters, it also catches light which provides what fishers refer to as eye-shine to help catch fish in the dark.

In the spring and fall, walleye congregate in the rocky areas of shallow bay waters. They spawn in the spring and then seek cooler temperatures in deeper waters in the summer time. Walleye are a favorite of local fisherman as they actively feed all winter and can be caught year-round, even ice fishing. Come visit our walleye at the Toledo Zoo, on exhibit in the Native Fishes exhibit in the Aquarium.

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