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Passionate about animals and meeting other like-minded people?

Join the Toledo Zoo’s Young Professionals for Animals and Conservation or YPAC!

This group is designed for motivated, connected and adventurous young professionals ages 21-mid 40s interested in experiencing and learning about the Toledo Zoo’s programming and mission in unique, engaging ways through quarterly events. YPAC not only provides social and business network opportunities, but also incorporates volunteer opportunities to give back to both the Zoo and our community.

Through 12/31/17, join or renew your YPAC membership to receive an additional $5 off a behind-the-scenes tour at the Zoo through 3/31/18! To learn more and sign up for a YPAC membership, click here.


It’s a boy! One of our newest babies at the Toledo Zoo

Toledo Zoo is proud to announce the birth of a male Western lowland gorilla born late November 2017. Mokonzi, (Moh-khan-see) which means governor in Swahili, is baby number three for 23 year old mother, Kitani, and baby number five for 29 year old father, Kwisha. Mokonzi is healthy and bonding well with his parents.

The new family is on exhibit indoors at Kingdom of the Apes. Adult western lowland gorillas are the largest of all great apes at four to six feet tall and anywhere from 150 – 500 pounds depending on sex. They live in the heavy rainforests of west central Africa and eat a vegetarian diet of roots, fruits and plants. Western lowland gorillas live in troops consisting of four to eight animals, with one silverback male, a few females, young offspring and occasionally a few young males. Western lowland gorillas are listed as critically endangered and declining on the IUCN Red List for Threatened Species due to three main interconnected threats: habitat loss, bushmeat hunting and human encroachment.

Lace up your running shoes at the Toledo Zoo for the Medical Mutual Dart Frog Dash!

It’s that time of year…for New Year’s resolutions!

Is exercising more or running on your list? Do you love the Zoo and our mission to inspire others to care for animals and conserve the natural world? Join us for the Medical Mutual Dart Frog Dash on Saturday, 5/19! Participate in the 5k race, running a course both on and off Zoo grounds, or bring the whole family out for the Kids’ one mile Fun Run. Learn more and register here.

Explore the gardens at the Toledo Zoo

It’s your last chance to take a Garden Tour at the Toledo Zoo until 2018!

On 10/24, join us to learn about gardening throughout the year, and winter in particular! Winter is often thought of as the season of barren landscapes but with proper plant selection, this is far from true.  There are many plants that can provide four seasons of interest including those with decorative bark, berries or dried blooms.   To register, click here.



You may or may not know that the Toledo Zoo is involved in numerous conservation initiatives locally as well as across the globe. 

Through donations to our Conservation Today program, donors have helped support such important initiatives as:

  • Reintroducing more than 700 Hellbender salamanders back into their native cleaned-up Ohio streams
  • Ensuring Monarch butterflies continue to pollinate and beautify Toledo area vegetable gardens and landscapes
  • Conducting research on critically endangered rattlesnake populations in the U.S and Aruba
  • Tracking and monitoring population health of imperiled native Ohio turtles
  • Continuing the effective promotion and installation of native plants and natural landscapes throughout northwest Ohio to provide habitat for wildlife and migratory birds, while filtering rain water run off
  • Partnering with the Save the Tasmanian Devil Program to address the communicable cancer decimating this species in the wild
  • Reintroducing 1,000+ Kihansi Spray Toads to the Kihansi gorge in Tanzania to save them from extinction
  • Joining forces with the Mariana Avifauna Conservation Program to capture, translocate and transfer at-risk bird species in order to establish captive assurance populations

Visit us at to learn more about how we are inspiring others to join us in caring for animals and conserving the natural world and making a difference locally and globally.


Toledo Zoo Museum of Science set to re-open Spring of 2019!

Toledo Zoo and ProMedica are exemplifying the old adage that together everyone achieves more through their new partnership to renovate the Zoo’s 80+ year old Museum of Science.

Today, we announced details of the new partnership to re-open the WPA-era building in the spring of 2019 as a natural history museum. The new facility will have a focus on biodiversity, or the variety of life in the world, throughout the course of history shown through the lens of local habitats and wildlife along with their ties to global counterparts.

Through their significant donation, ProMedica is generously supporting a fully collaborative effort to combine the messaging in the new Museum with the missions of both institutions to educate Museum visitors about the connections between human quality of life and wellbeing with natural biodiversity.

We encourage everyone to stay tuned at and the Zoo’s Facebook page for updates on the status of the renovations. Together, we really will achieve much, much more!


Join the Hottest Dance Party of the Summer

Keep cool as you dance the night away in the Zoo’s newest and air conditioned party central, Malawi Event Center, boasting an 80 foot long Aquarium wall featuring colorful endangered fish!

Proceeds benefit the Toledo Zoo’s conservation initiatives both locally and globally! From native prairies that expand habitat for pollinators and migrating birds to saving Tasmanian devils, orangutans and Kihansi spray toads from extinction in the wild, your support of Rock n Roar makes a difference!

Zip line over the animals at the Toledo Zoo!

Have you experienced the Aerial Adventure Course at the Toledo Zoo?

Come out to experience the 250 foot long sky bridge, 80 foot zip line over the Toledo Zoo’s African Savanna animals including watusi cattle, giraffes and zebras, and 80 foot flight line jump to the ground below! There is a level of adventure for all to enjoy!

To learn more and register for your adventure, click here


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