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What’s Blooming at the Toledo Zoo?

‘Nikko’ is a dwarf cultivar growing 1-2 feet tall and spreading 2-5 feet wide, forming a graceful, spreading mound. White flowers cover the shrub in early spring for several days while the leaves turn an attractive deep burgundy in fall. This plant is easily grown in well-drained soil in full sun to part shade and can be found in the Gardens, Aquarium, Avian Breeding Center and Primate Forest landscapes.

Mother’s Day Brunch & Celebration at the Toledo Zoo

Sunday, May 13, 2018
Malawi Event Center
Seating Times: 9a.m. – 10 a.m. and

11:30a.m. – 12:30p.m.


This Mother’s Day, show your mom she’s the best—and show her the world! On Sunday, May 13,  a popular Mother’s Day brunch will be hosted in our newly renovated Malawi Event Center! Animal Demonstration will take place during the event, along with live entertainment and kid’s craft! (Make sure to purchase a ticket for mom too!)

Register at:

What’s Blooming at the Toledo Zoo?

In bloom this month at the Zoo!

Daphne ‘Carol Mackie’ is most noted for its outstanding multi-colored foliage. It is a dense, slow-growing, deciduous shrub which typically grows 2-3 feet tall, prefers some shade and features fragrant clusters of pale pink flowers in late spring followed by tiny red drupes in the fall. Its oblong, grayish-green leaves have striking, cream-edged margins and the foliage often persists well into the winter. This unique landscape accent can be found in the Aquarium landscape.

Visit the Zoo’s horticulture page to learn more!

Zip line over the animals at the Toledo Zoo!

Have you experienced the Aerial Adventure Course at the Toledo Zoo?

Come out to experience the 250 foot long sky bridge, 80 foot zip line over the Toledo Zoo’s African Savanna animals including watusi cattle, giraffes and zebras, and 80 foot flight line jump to the ground below! There is a level of adventure for all to enjoy!

To learn more and register for your adventure, click here


What’s making waves in the Toledo Zoo Aquarium?

Well now that’s a horse of a different color! Yup, it’s a Lined sea horse (Hippocampus erectus).

Sea horses are actually specialized fish that are poor swimmers so they camouflage themselves in sea grasses or mangroves by wrapping their tail around a plant to keep still and waiting to ambush prey. When prey is found, the sea horses use their short toothless snout to suck the prey in. Lined sea horses can grow to over 7 inches long, have white lines or dots and can be a variety of colors from yellow to orange, red, black or brown. They can be found in waters 2- 230 feet deep from Cape Cod to Bermuda and all the way to South America.

Unfortunately, these unique creatures are listed on the IUCN Red List as a vulnerable species due to habitat degradation from coastal development, water pollution, harvesting for use in the curio trade and use in Traditional Asian Medicine. Check out our Lined sea horses in their jewel exhibit in our Aquarium during your next visit!

Do you have a green thumb?

The Toledo Zoo boasts gorgeous rose, vegetable, formal and butterfly gardens!

If you find yourself digging in your backyard and dreaming about your home flower beds, these tours are for you. Join the Horticulture staff for a summer garden tour while the gardens are still at their peak!

To learn more and register, click here.


Friday, June 15, 2018

You’re invited to the PNC ZOOtoDO 2018 presented by Skylight Financial Group where you can look into the

“Eyes of the Wild”!

Pair your best stripes and spots with your black tie and tennis shoes to Party with a Purpose in support of big cats and conservation on a purrfect summer night at the Toledo Zoo!

50+ regional restaurants and caterers presenting their house specialties

Train rides around the Africa! exhibit during the preview party

Live entertainment on multiple stages throughout the night

Full service and specialty drink bars throughout Zoo grounds

New in 2018!! Donate to Cocktails for Cats at any drink ticket station and enter to win a chance for a behind-the-scenes tour of one the tiger, snow leopard, cougar or cheetah exhibits!

For tickets or more information, visit or call 419-385-5721.

ZOOtoDO is a rain or shine event. Tickets are non-refundable and must be purchased in advance. All guests must be at least 21 years of age with a valid ID to enter. Toledo Zoo reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone unable to provide proof of age.

ZOOtoDO 2018 Entertainment:
Main Stage: Fu5ion
Carnivore Stage: Bobby G. and the Third Street Cigar Blues Band
Africa! Preview Party: Dave Carpenter

Tickets are $135 for individuals through May 15!  After May 15 the price will be $150. Sponsorships for tables of ten and upper level event sponsorships with increased recognition and benefits are available; for more information email or call 419-385-5721.

Major Sponsors include Lexus of Toledo and Comfortline.


The Toledo Zoo’s own “Finding Nemo”

Finding Nemo introduced a whole generation to the world beneath the waves and propelled orange clownfish to superstar status for Aquarium pets.

Orange clownfish (Amphiprion percula) are also called clown anemonefish for the toxic sea anemones with which they have a symbiotic relationship and where they make their home. As their name suggests, orange clownfish are orange with three white bands outlined in black. They average about three inches in length and are native to the coral reefs off the coasts of Australia and southeast Asia.

These fish are omnivores, eating both meat, algae and plants. Interestingly, all clownfish are born male and are able to change to female for breeding, but cannot change back. Even more interesting is that clownfish live in social groups dominated by a single female! The fish communicate through a series of popping and clicking noises to work together to avoid predation by sharks, stingrays and large bony fish. The Zoo is home to a small group of captive raised orange clownfish on exhibit in one of the Aquarium’s jewel tanks.


Join the Hottest Dance Party of the Summer

Keep cool as you dance the night away in the Zoo’s newest and air conditioned party central, Malawi Event Center, boasting an 80 foot long Aquarium wall featuring colorful endangered fish!

Proceeds benefit the Toledo Zoo’s conservation initiatives both locally and globally! From native prairies that expand habitat for pollinators and migrating birds to saving Tasmanian devils, orangutans and Kihansi spray toads from extinction in the wild, your support of Rock n Roar makes a difference!

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