What’s Blooming at the Toledo Zoo?

In bloom this month at the Zoo!

Daphne ‘Carol Mackie’ is most noted for its outstanding multi-colored foliage. It is a dense, slow-growing, deciduous shrub which typically grows 2-3 feet tall, prefers some shade and features fragrant clusters of pale pink flowers in late spring followed by tiny red drupes in the fall. Its oblong, grayish-green leaves have striking, cream-edged margins and the foliage often persists well into the winter. This unique landscape accent can be found in the Aquarium landscape.

Visit the Zoo’s horticulture page to learn more!

Tink’s Story at the Toledo Zoo

Not all turtles are as fortunate as Tink.

Nets are a big problem. These big nets travel across the bottom of the ocean and catch everything. Sometimes shrimp trolls will have up to a 90% waste ratio. So, for every 10 lbs of shrimp brought onto the boat, there are 90 lbs of other fish or animals, which are shoveled overboard or are simply dead. Including sea turtles.

For more about Tink: https://www.toledozoo.org/tinks-story

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