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    Paint By Number creator Dan Robbins at 20 North Gallery

    Inventor of iconic Paint By Number brand to speak at reception for exhibition of local collections Dan Robbins, inventor of the Paint By Number brand that indelibly shaped American popular culture, will be sharing reminiscences of the early days at the Craft Master company and how the numbered painting craze swept the nation. 20 North […] More

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    Teddy Bear Care Fair at the Toledo Zoo!

    Bring your favorite stuffed pal and Zoo volunteers will make sure it’s fixed up and fit for another year of fun! Enjoy keeper and vet talks, animal feeds and demonstrations, puppet shows, activities and more at Teddy Bear Care Fair – it’s stuffed with fun! Learn more here.   More

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    Little Shop of Horror

    LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS a deviously delicious Broadway and Hollywood sci-fi smash musical. LITTLE SHOP is about the meek floral assistant Seymour Krelborn stumbles across a new breed of plant he names “Audrey II” – after his coworker crush. One of the longest-running Off-Broadway shows! This show opens for CETC March 8-11th at Olander Park […] More

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    Steppin’ Out

    Steppin’ Out is the funky shoe event Toledo School for the Arts hosts every year. This event hosts a not-so-silent auction to get attendees involved and donate to the school’s student programs. These programs will fund students to take private lessons, along with any school fees that are needed for individual students. Steppin’ Out showcases […] More

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    Two Librarians, Too Many Books: It’s Women’s History Month, Y’all!

    In an effort to jazz up the typical readers’ advisory list that us bloggers usually find ourselves writing, we decided sit down and have a conversation as stereotypical librarians who don’t-know-how-to-shut-up-about-books-already. Our hope is that you might find value in the fact that our noses rarely venture more than twelve inches from the page or […] More

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    Take a stroll to our Africa! exhibit

    Abracadabra? No, Addra gazelle (Nanger dama ruficollis). This striking gazelle is native to the Sahara Desert in Africa where it moves seasonally to find food: the scrub land in the dry season and the desert in the wet season. They are able to stand on their hind legs, while bracing against a tree to eat […] More

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    Escape the winter blues with a garden tour at the Toledo Zoo

    The Toledo Zoo’s horticulture department will host two garden tours in March on the 13th and 27th. Explore the Zoo’s Conservatory and spend time with our 100+ year old Galapagos tortoise, Emerson and the on-grounds greenhouse. Get some inspiration for your own garden—Spring is right around the corner after all! Make your reservation here.   More

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    The Toledo Zoo wolves—majestic and magical

    When the word wolf is mentioned, most conjure up a mental image of White Fang sitting all alone on a mountain top howling at the moon. However, there is much more to the largest member of the dog family than the fictionalized characters and reputations. Historically, Gray wolves (Canis lupus) were the most widely distributed […] More

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